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What is ORIMASK?



Orimask is a high performance mask that can be easily made just by folding and stapling, and prevents virus droplets. The polypropylene nonwoven fabric is charged by frictional electrostatic and corona discharge (Note: It has nothing to do with the new coronavirus!) to increase collection efficiency. For the time being, we would like to achieve a collection efficiency of 90% or more for virus droplets with an equivalent diameter of 3umφ or more for light scattering, and 80-90% or more for sub-micron particles with an equivalent diameter of 0.3-0.5umφ, which are considered to be difficult to collect with filters. Test data and references can be found at the ORIMASK Laboratory. We are currently looking for people who can help us evaluate and improve the design of ORIMASK. Please join us in our Facebook group for updates and discussions.*The name "ORIMASK" was inspired from the Japanese word "Origami" and the Latin word "Oriri" (to be born). Please click here to contact us.*ORIMASK is not an industrial mask that has passed national certification such as N95 in the U.S. and DS2 in Japan.



はじめまして、石垣 陽と申します。国立大学法人 電気通信大学の特任准教授として、環境・保健衛生関係の研究をしていますが、今は在宅勤務中です。衛生マスクの重要性に気づき、2020年2月には共同研究をしているインドの病院からサージカルマスクやN95マスク3000枚を寄付してもらいましたが、一瞬で無くなってしまいました。見かねた妻が100円ショップの材料で手作りマスクを作ってくれました。これも病院に寄付したところ好評だったので、2020年4月から自宅のキッチンを実験室として使い、妻と一緒に「オリマスク」の研究開発を始めました。医療関係者に早く十分な量のマスクが行き届くことを願っています。

石垣 陽(いしがき よう)、博士(工学)、電気通信大学 大学院情報理工学研究科 准教授(特任)

I am Yo Ishigaki, specially-appointed associate professor at the University of Electro-Communications, I'm doing research on environmental and health-related issues, but I'm working from home. We realized the importance of sanitary masks and in February 2020, a hospital in India with whom we are collaborating donated 3,000 surgical masks and N95 masks, but they were gone in an instant. My wife, who couldn't help herself, made me a homemade mask using materials from 100 yen shop. I also donated this to the hospital and it was well received, so in April 2020, I started using my home kitchen as a laboratory and started researching and developing the "ORIMASK" with my wife. I hope that enough masks will reach the medical community soon.Dr. Yo Ishigaki, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, University of Electro-Communications (Specially Appointed), Self Introduction page is here.

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Voices of Support


盛武 敬(医学博士、第一種放射線取扱主任者、第一種作業環境測定士(放射線)、γ線透過写真撮影作業主任者、X線作業主任者、がん治療認定医、日本脳神経外科学会専門医、日本医師会認定産業医)

Right now, medical masks are running out across the country. And this situation will continue for the foreseeable future. I hope more and more unique products will be invented from the ORIMASK project and provided to the word. As a medical physician, I can help this project with conducting a product test using it, giving concrete suggestions for improvement, and providing a bridge between small businesses and hospitals. Takashi Moritake (M.D., Ph.D., Radiation Protection Supervisor Class 1, Working Environment Measurement Expert Class 1, Operations Chief of Radiography with Gamma-rays, Operation Chief of Work with X-ray, General Clinical Oncologist by JBCT, Board Certified Neurosurgeon (Japan Neurosurgical Society), Japan Medical Association Certified Occupational Medicine Physician.